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Attitudes toward crime in Macau in relation to Chinese values, just world belief, family emotional support, and Maslow needs satisfaction

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The primary objective of this study was to examine social and psychological correlations with attitudes toward crime, to better understand how to increase the support for rehabilitation. In Macau, the criminal growth rate became a concern. This quantitative study included 12-scales, and 225 Macau residents were assessed for their Attitudes toward Crime (i.e., Fear of Crime, Attitudes toward Offenders, Penalties, and the Death Penalty). A conceptual model was introduced for predicting their effects. Overall, males showed more punitive attitudes, more severe attitudes towards offenders and less fear of crime than females. Several new findings revealed from this study. Attitudes toward crime in Macau people is that fear of crime showed negative consequences in Macau people life, such as decreased satisfaction in one‘s Maslow Needs Satisfaction (i.e., safety-security, belongingness, and esteem needs), and life satisfaction. Also less support for rehabilitation was resulted if one was afraid of crime. Belongingness Needs Satisfaction positively predicted Support for Rehabilitation; researchers should explore more on that. In addition, the positive relationship between attitudes toward offenders and support for rehabilitation indicated meaningful further understanding. Such findings suggest practical use when promoting rehabilitation for offenders. Last but not the least, Chinese values influenced on attitudes toward crime in Macau context. Indeed, Chinese Values was a positive predictor of attitudes toward offenders, penalties and death penalty, as well as negative predictor of fear of crime. Future research should investigate other potential variables of public attitudes toward crime.

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Kam, Ka Man


Faculty of Social Sciences


Department of Psychology




Crime -- Macau

Criminals -- Macau

Values -- China


Taormina, Robert J.

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