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Impact of perceived mothers' and fathers' parenting practices on adolescents' academic achievement and school misconduct among Taiwan junior high school students

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The two aims of this study were (1) to explore the possible mother’s and father’s differential parenting practices towards adolescent boys versus girls and (2) to investigate whether and to what extent perceived maternal and paternal parenting practices influence adolescent boys’ and girls’ school adjustment two years later. As independent variables, the four parenting practices variables, reported separately for mothers and fathers by seventhgraders (Time 1), were knowledge for monitoring, disclosure towards parents, decisionmaking involvement and emotional support. As dependent variables, the two indicators of school adjustment included academic achievement and school misconduct, as reported by their head teachers at ninth grade (Time 2). Using a longitudinal sample of 2325 adolescents derived from the Taiwan Youth Project, mixed ANOVAs, Pearson correlations, and hierarchical multiple regressions were performed for hypothesis-testing. Results indicate that seventh-graders’ ratings on all four parenting practices variables were dependent on both parent gender and adolescent gender. Furthermore, maternal and paternal knowledge for monitoring and disclosure to mother and father were relatively consistent predictors of ninth-grade boys’ and girls’ Basic Competence Test score, even after 7th grade class ranking and family demographics were controlled. In addition, the impacts of parental knowledge for monitoring and decision-making involvement on school misconduct were gender-specific. Implications for further studies and parent education were discussed.

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Pang, Weng Si


Faculty of Education




Parenting -- Study and teaching -- Taiwan

Adolescence -- Taiwan -- Family relationships

Academic achievement -- Taiwan



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