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This is an exploratory study on Communicative Chinese Writing for junior secondary students in Macao. The purpose is to investigate the effectiveness of teaching involved and gather all the necessary experiences for further research in this topic. The sample consists of 145 junior two and three students in two schools. Unequal groups pre-test and post-test experimental design is used, with each group consist of a whole class in each school. Communicative Chinese Writing teaching is conducted in the experimental group, and other non-communicative teaching is conducted in the control group. The whole process involves five weeks, with the first, third and fifth week used in writing assessment and the second and fourth week used in teaching. Communicative Writing Measuring Scale is used as the measuring instrument in pre-test, middle test and post-test, which correspond respectively the assessment in the first, third and fifth week. Matched pair t-test, independent sample t-test and Analysis of Covariance are used as statistical tool. The results are as follows. In the experimental group in the first school, the middle test is significantly highly than the pre-test, but the post test in not significantly higher than the middle. In the experimental group in the second school, however, the middle test is not higher than the pre-test, but the post-test is significantly higher than the middle. Because of the difference of results, there is not enough evidence to support the effectiveness of the teaching. However, there is one thing in common: the marks increase after a summative discussion and sharing activity. Also, in both schools, the experimental groups have higher marks than the control group in the post test. The researcher suggested a number of recommendations based on the findings and experiences gathered in this study, is made for further research.

Chinese Abstract

本研究的目的,主要是探討在澳門初中推行中文「傳意寫作」的效果,就此 進行中文「傳意寫作」教學實驗,並藉集合研究所得的經驗,為日後研究提供經驗和參考。 本研究分別以澳門兩所中學的初中二、初中三學生共145人為對象,探用實 驗研究不等組前後測設計。兩校均依原本班別分派為實驗組和控制組。其中實驗組接受為期兩次的傳意寫作教學,控制組則作非傳意寫作教學的語文課。 本研究以「初中生傳意寫作評定量表」作測量工具,對受試者施行前、中、 後測。整個教學實驗研究為期五週,每週在實驗組與控制組原定的中文課進行,其中一、三、五週進行傳意寫作評量測驗;二、四週實驗組進行傳意寫作教學,控制組則作非傳意寫作教學的中文課。再根據受試者測卷在量表所反映之平均數分析其變化,以發現中文「傳意寫作」能否提升學生的傳意寫作能力。所得的結果以配對組T檢驗、獨立組T檢驗及共變數分析,進行統計分析。結果如下: 一、在第一所學校,接受中文「傳意寫作」教學的實驗組,中測顯著高於前 測,但後測卻未高於中測;第二所學校的實驗組,中測未能高於前測,後測卻顯著比中測高。因爲研究結果不一,未有足夠證據證明實驗教學有效。但兩組在經過實驗教學過程中的總結性評講的分組討論活動後,其寫作分數均有顯著的提升。 二、在兩所學校,接受中文「傳意寫作」教學的實驗組後測分數均高於控制 組。 最後研究者根據本研究發現及所得的經驗,爲日後的相類研究提出一些建 議。

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Chinese language -- Composition and exercises -- Study and teaching (Secondary) -- Macau

漢語 -- 作文及練習 -- 學習及教學 (高中) -- 澳門



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