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MBA(IIRM) 000 (SAMPLE) Retail tenant mix considerations in Macau integrated resort : what shopping behaviors of gamblers tell?

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Abstract In Macau, the dominance of gaming and junket activities has provided an absolute condition for the prosperity of retail industry, especially high end brands. Tenant mix is one of the most important profit generators and factors for successful retail mall operations since every tenant type and location has its own function and will produce chain reaction for each other in the mall. Unlike other countries and regions, most shopping malls in Macau are owned and operated by the gaming concessionaires. This research aims to find out the unique shopping behaviors of gamblers and their implications on retail mall planning and operating. The research conducted in the top three international integrated resorts during August 2018, using the qualitative methods ofan unobtrusive observation supplemented by interviews. The observation began when randomly picked gamblers or a group of gamblers left the casino and entered the shopping area and ended when they left the shopping area. The observations were ultimately collected 504 valid samples. From this research, interesting findings are concluded. Gamblers, with the male shoppers as the main force, are more likely to buy high value products and have strong brand preferences. Watches and leather goods are their top favorite. Ideal tenant mix varies among the resorts with different positioning and target audience Also, different tenant mixes near different casino entrances could produce different shopping results and brands performance. Besides, golden circle is found existed in the resorts, the brands within the circle can enjoy the most exposure and prosperous traffic. Moreover, tenant mix should be considered at a higher level in the integrated resort. The retail sector cannot be isolated, but rather, should coordinate with other functions within the same resort to produce the best possible results.

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Ren, Xiao Fei


Faculty of Business Administration


Departmemt of Integrated Resort and Tourism Management


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Liu, Xiao Ming

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