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English Abstract

This thesis is divided into seven parts. The introduction aims to present the structure of the thesis and the intentions for conducting this research. It will also include an introduction to relevant literature review, as well as methodologies used during the research process. The Chapter One is about the theoretical basis. This chapter examines the marriage phenomenon and system as the basis of conjugal obligations, and deeply studies the nature, origin, foundation and contemporary concept of marriage. The Chapter Two is about the contractual origin, This chapter explains the marriage agreement in line with the spirit of marriage contract, especially cohabitation, including factual marriage, including legal marriage convenience, without legal marriage of the cumbersome, it is reflected in the superiority of legal marriage. The Chapter Three combs the history of loyalty, focusing on the distinction between loyalty, faithfulness, and chastity, and refutes the unilateral responsibility of women in chastity. This chapter attempts to illustrate the rationality of loyalty. The Chapter Four argues that cohabitation does not belong to the couple, but the legal obligations between husband and wife. There is no additional sexual obligation of sexual autonomy, it seems that the husband and wife covenant rational breakthrough, but this breakthrough is worthy of recognition. The Chapter Five examines the supporting obligation and the maintenance obligations after divorce. The maintenance obligation is necessary to protect women. The last part concludes with a discussion of findings of this research.

Chinese Abstract

本文分為七個部分。绪論部分主要說明論文的结構和研究範圍。 第一章是夫妻義務的理論基礎,考察了作為夫妻義務基礎的婚姻現象和制度,及婚姻的本質、起源、基礎,以及當代人們的婚姻觀念。 第二章是夫妻義務的契約淵源,研究了符合婚姻的契約精神的婚内約定,尤其是同居約定包括事實婚在内,享有法律婚姻之便利,而無法律婚姻之累赘,更是體現出對法律婚姻的優越性。 第三章梳理了夫妻忠實義務的歷史,研究了忠貞、忠實和貞潔等觀念的區別,駁斥貞潔等單方面束缚女性的義務,試圖說明忠實義務的合理性。 第四章認為夫妻同居不屬於夫妻的權利,而是夫妻之間的法定義務。沒有附加性義務的性自主權,是對夫妻契約的理性的突破。 第五章研究夫妻之間的扶養義務和離婚後的贍養義務,認為贍養義務是對女性必要的保護,有必要堅持和完善。 最後部分是結論。

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Faculty of Law




Marital property -- Macau

婚姻財產及其法規 -- 澳門

Husband and wife -- Macau

配偶之間的法律關係 -- 澳門



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