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"一國兩制" 下的中央與特區關係研究 : 理論構建與制度完善

English Abstract

Compared with the traditional ways of security, the alienation guarantee has at least four advantages: a wide range of subject matter, a full use of the subject matter, a securer guarantee and an efficient realization of the security right. In recent years, there have been frequent legal disputes while emerge many transactions of alienation guarantee in the folk financing market of Mainland China. However, the legal system of Mainland China has not accepted the alienation guarantee yet, resulting in the great uncertainty of the realization of the parties’ rights and interests. Therefore, the first section of the thesis proposes the establishment of the legal system of alienation guarantee in Mainland China. The second section of the thesis clarifies the legal concept of alienation guarantee, and puts forward the idea of synthesis of the theory of property legal structure and the theory of guaranty legal structure. In this way, the secured party will enjoy greater security interests while the interests of the guarantor, the secured party and the third party will be balanced as much as possible. The followings three sections are the main part of the thesis. Based on the definition of its legal nature, the third section analyzes the origin and the content of the real effect of alienation guarantee. Under Numerus Clausus, the real effect of alienation guarantee can only come from the public announcement. Its real effect includes internal and external aspects. When coexisting with other securities, it’s necessary to analyze the priorities among them. The fourth section is the foreign law study, focusing on the legislative and practical experiences of Brazil, Portugal and Macao which could be good reference for Mainland China. The fifth section aiming at Mainland China, presents the polemics on the legitimacy of alienation guarantee, the judicial recognition of alienation guarantee and some legislative suggestions on the establishment of the legal system of alienation guarantee. The conclusion section restates that Mainland China should recognize the legitimacy and the effectiveness of alienation guarantee, getting real effect with property registration but non-registration not affecting its effect of obligation. Emphasizes that the key provisions of the legislation are about the method of publication of alienation guarantee and about the liquidation obligation of the secured party, in order to implement the basic spirit and principles of the Property Law.

Chinese Abstract

相較於傳統擔保方式,讓與擔保具有擔保物範圍廣泛、擔保物的利用充分、擔 保更有保障、擔保權的實現高效等優勢。近年來,中國民間融資市場不斷湧現讓與 擔保交易,也頻繁出現法律糾紛,但中國內地尚未將讓與擔保納入法律規範體系, 導致當事人權益實現的極大不確定性。對此,本文第一部分提出,有必要在內地建 立讓與擔保制度。 本文第二部分首先釐清讓與擔保的法律概念,在其法律構造上提出綜合所有 權構成說和擔保權構成說,在使讓與擔保權人享受更大的擔保利益的同時,盡可能 平衡擔保設定人、擔保權人和第三人之間的利益。接下來是本文的主體部分。 第三部分基於前文對其法律性質的界定,分析讓與擔保的物權效力的來源和 內容。在物權法定主義下,讓與擔保物權效力的來源只能是公示。其物權效力的內 容包括對內、對外兩個方面,在與其他擔保物權並存時,需要分析它們的優先次序。 第四部分專章對讓與擔保進行域外法考察,主要介紹巴西、葡萄牙和中國澳門 地區的立法和實踐經驗,以資中國內地借鑒。 第五部分落實到中國內地,包括對讓與擔保法律正當性的論戰、既有裁判對讓 與擔保的認可、確立讓與擔保制度的立法建議。 結論部分重申中國內地應當承認讓與擔保的合法性及其效力,經物權登記應 具有物權效力,未經物權登記不應影響其債權效力;強調立法的關鍵是規定讓與擔 保的公示方式和讓與擔保權人的清算義務,落實物權法的基本精神和原則。

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Faculty of Law




Constitutional law -- Hong Kong

憲法 -- 香港

Constitutional law -- Macau

憲法 -- 澳門

Central-local government relations -- China

中央與地方政府之關係 -- 中國

Hong Kong -- Politics and government -- 1997-

香港 -- 政治及政府 -- 1997-

Macau -- Politics and government -- 1999-

澳門 -- 政治及政府 -- 1999-



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