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澳門土生葡人婚姻形態研究 (1557-1949)

English Abstract

This thesis adopts the research paradigm of global history, and explores the form of Macanese marriage before 1949 in all aspects and multi-level, including intermarriage, marital custom, wedding ceremony, consanguineous marriage, uxorilocal Marriage,. unmarried cohabitation, marital view, gender relation, marital system, marital management, first marriage age and marriage mode. Long lasting and multilateral intermarriage between different races is the primary characteristics of Macanese marriage form. Based on the analysis of a large sum of Portuguese, English and Chinses historical data, this thesis thoroughly studied the intermarriage between Macanese and other races. Furthermore, this thesis explores the cultural DNA, political, religious and economical reasons behind the intermarriage, and the marital custom combing of the eastern and the western culture. Through the studying of the core level of marriage, such as marital system, marital view and gender relation, we can find that the Portuguese culture predominates the Macanese marital form. Meanwhile, Macanese marital mode also follows the two characteristics of the Western European marriage style: late marriages and high rate of celibacy. The judicial system and administrative management in Macao was not strict and responsibility and rights were no clear-cut. In hence, the marital form of Macanese became a certain degree of morality disorder. Consanguineous marriage was a populer social phenomenon which exterminated several Macanese families. Besides,in management disorder and social instability, a large amount of men died or abandoned their wives and daughters. Macau was a female city in a long historical period. The social position and marital status of orphan girl, Widows and “muitsai” is another research focus of the thesis.

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Macaense -- Marriage customs and rites -- Macau

澳門土生葡萄牙人 -- 結婚習俗及儀式 -- 澳門

Portuguese -- Marriage customs and rites -- Macau

葡萄牙人 -- 結婚習俗及儀式 -- 澳門

Marriage -- Macau -- History

婚姻 -- 澳門 -- 歷史

Marriage customs and rites -- Macau -- History

結婚習俗及儀式 -- 澳門 -- 歷史



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