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轉型時期澳葡政府財政的演變和發展 (1844-1888)

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There is a close relationship among the evolution of Macao's fiscal system and the development of its politics and economy. A study on the public finance could contribute to our understanding of economical and political history. This paper aims to explore the changes in fiscal system of Macao during Ming and Qing dynasties, through which, we can know the transformation of Macao. From 1557 to 1844, Maritime trade is the backbone of Macao's economy, the tariff revenue of Maritime trade became the main sources of finance of Portuguese who lived in Macao and controlled by the Leal Senado. Maritime trade status determined the financial situation of Macao. On behalf of Macao-Portuguese's interests, Leal Senado is not strictly controlled by Portugal. It looks like Leal Senado excises some kind of right of autonomy. I think it is could named as tariff type financial system. More important than that, I studied the changing progress of fiscal measures, financial situation, as well as the influence for politic and economic of Portugueserun colonial government in Macao between 1844-1888, because it was a period of social transition of Macao. After the First Opium War, the fiscal revenue of government was decreased because of the declining of the Maritime trade. So the Macao government which was controlled by the governor began to levy taxes on the residents. And the government implemented tax-farming in the gambling, opium and other fields. I think it was a mixed financial system which was constituted by revenue and rent. During this time, it appeared some features of colonialism in financial measures. However, Macao government set up budget and financial statement system, and the financial institutions which was called Junta de Fazenda Publica was established. All these was some kind of progress of the Macao society.

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Finance -- Macau -- History

金融; 財務 -- 澳門 -- 歷史



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