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Water privatization in the European Union : models and outstanding questions

English Abstract

This these covers two arguments. The first argument is about water privatization. In Chapter I, the thesis elaborates the concept of water privatization in general, and concludes some typical types of water privatization. This part is taken as a basis of the whole structure, it identifies the features and feasibility of water privatization as an acceptable and practical notion for countries and international organizations. The second argument is about legal framework of water and water management in the EU. In Chapter II, the thesis introduces legislative history of water at the EU level since 1970s. In this chapter, various legislations are divided into different groups based on the time they were made and their legislative purposes, because it could help to better understand legislative tendency during these decades in the EU. For the purpose of completion of argument, the thesis introduces three models in Europe for a better understanding of typical modes of water management with private participation. These examples typically represent different forms across Europe and elements in these examples are good cases for examining water legislations. For combining these two dimensions together for a further study, Chapter IV finds some major problems of water management and water legislations in the EU, so that it carries out a topic that whether water privatization is a solution to these problems. Chapter V raises two further questions based on discussions that have been previously done in this thesis, it tries to describe the outlook of water privatization in the EU.

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Cui, Ri Xing


Faculty of Law




Water utilities -- Privatization -- European Union


Castro, Paulo Canelas de

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