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"Anhui Su Hua Bao" and Chen Duxiu's enlightenment thought

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Late 19th and early 20th century, the national crisis deepened. Strengthen the country against foreign aggression, save peril, become modern Chinese overriding sacred mission. A number of advanced intellectuals, recognized national quality decisive influence national rise and fall, the enlightenment and placed in an important position of national salvation movement and Enlightenment in various ways, the founder of vernacular newspaper is one of them. During this period the emergence of many famous vernacular newspapers. 1904 by the Chen founded the "Anhui Su Hua Bao" although from the founding to cease publication only a short year and a half, but it was "famous", "well-known national", "and only half year, each issue from a thousand increase and 3,000 copies, each wide sales of the domestic vernacular (newspaper) crown ", became one of the most representative of the vernacular press. This thesis aims to explore Chen founded "Anhui Su Hua Bao" enlightenment thought. Total four chapters to analyze "Anhui Su Hua Bao" the founding background, text and ideological content, the content of enlightenment thought and its inherent logic Chen launched a more comprehensive and systematic study: The first chapter divided into two sections. Describe founded newspaper before and after background, through the analysis of the late Qing Dynasty was China's history of humiliation and the growing national crisis, analysis the reasons why Chen founded the "Anhui Su Hua Bao", but also analysis the situation at that time under the development of society and the press in the region, trying to disentangle the effects of time "Anhui Su Hua Bao" was founded historical background and their mutual arising from a macro perspective. 5 Chapter two has three sections, mainly about Chen's family, education, ideological evolution and practice journal Commentary, second from his journal reason, respect the purpose and audience of the newspaper, etc. Foreword embodied enlightenment for analysis purposes. Chapter three has four sections, through the "Anhui Su Hua Bao" the main sections and content statistical assessment, to prove the newspaper enlighten the people, save the nation tenet. Through detailed analysis, "Anhui Su Hua Bao" to analyze the contents of Enlightenment thought when Chen founded the newspaper. Chapter four has three sections, describe Chen enlightenment generation and evolution during the "Anhui Su Hua Bao" period, through the newspaper to illustrate the inevitability Chen enlightenment thought. "Anhui Su Hua Bao" is an important vernacular newspapers appeared late Qing Dynasty. Although the newspaper there is a time not long, but more widespread, a greater impact. Chen founded the newspaper in Enlightenment thought embodied not as though the impact “May Forth Movement”, but also very unique, he reflected to after "revolutionaries," the transition from the "enlightenment." At the same time this period of his thought, but also for its future revolutionary activities of the foundation.

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Chen, Tu Hsiu, -- 1879-1942 -- Political and social views

Chen, Tu Hsiu, -- 1879-1942 -- Philosophy



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