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澳門道德教育與體育統整教學行動研究 : 以某中學為例

English Abstract

The dissertation used an action research approach to explore the integration process of moral education and sports. In a sample of 30 junior-high students (15 boys and 15 girls), the encountered problems and their solutions during the learning process of moral values during physical education classes were observed. Considering that the research area of curriculum design to promote moral development through physical education was emerging, a twelve-week project was designed to teach junior-high students moral values through the practice of sports. To reach this goal, this study used triangulation technique to analyze the results obtained from the following four sources: 1) Course outline, 2) Classroom daily log, 3) Interviews, 4) Professional expert dialogue, The analyzed data was then used to examine the project design, students performance, and researcher professional development. The investigation of this teaching project reveals that the students generally accepted this teaching mode and it was a feasible curriculum. In the first section, students were expected to learn to follow rules through relay race. However, the requirements set out by the researcher could not be fully achieved by students. In view of the result of the first section, in the second section, the values of obeying rules and respect were both IV attempted to be delivered through long-distance running. The result of the second section shows that adding competitive activities in class helps to enhance students enthusiasm in learning. In the third and last section, by presenting the values of obeying rules, respect, and cooperation simultaneously in the simulated basketball competition, students succeeded to establish mutual encouragement and respect, and cooperation. The above problems had a positive improvement to the researcher project. This teaching mode has improved the above problems in this action research, again proving that this was a feasible curriculum. After the project, the researcher has also achieved professional growth through the design, implementation, teaching, reflection, and management of students.

Chinese Abstract

本研究以行動研究法,探討道德教育與體育統整教學過程,研究對象為 30 名初中學生,男、女各 15 名,觀察在體育課時對道德元素學習的情況,以及過 程中所面對的問題及對策。在體育課當中教授有關道德教育內容,怎樣實施及設 計,已經是一個熱門的課題,有見及此,研究者將初中學生進行道德教育與體育 統整課程,設計運用 12 週的行動方案,故此,本研究試圖透過以課程大綱、 課堂日誌、訪談、專家專業對話,所得資料利用三角交叉檢驗法進 行分析,探討行動方案的設計、研究對象的表現及研究者的專業成長。研究發現︰ 行動方案的計設上,學生普遍接受這種教學模式,是一個可行的課程。第一階段 由接力跑滲入遵守規則,學生在此階段上都未有完全達到研究者所定的要求,促 使在第二階段上,將遵守規則及尊重同時放在耐力跑的內容裡,繼而又發現到學 生在學習時,加入競爭性的活動,有助加強積極性。第三階段同時把遵守規則、 尊重、合作同時呈現,學生接受程度高,也能夠觀察到學生有正面的改變,成功 建立互相鼓勵、尊重對方、團體合作等的要點,更減少了衝突。上述的問題使行 動方案上有所改善,証明確實是一個可行的方案,結束後,研究者也在當中獲得 課程設計、實行、教學等的成長,不斷反思學生能力,將統整教學配合的體育遊 戲,有效地發揮道德功能。

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Faculty of Education




Moral education -- Macau

道德教育 -- 澳門

Physical education and training -- Study and teaching (Middle school) -- Macau

體育教育及訓練 -- 學習及教學 (高級小學至初級中學) -- 澳門



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