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澳門青少年犯罪探析 = Macao youth crime analysis

English Abstract

As we all know, the problem of juvenile delinquency are a complex social problem for the world. With the rapid development of Macao's gaming industry, the rapid urban population increase, and the rapid development of globalization and pluralism of information, the Macau side enjoying the real benefits of information rich and diverse and rapid economic development, on the other hand, are worried about to see that development has brought some side effects, especially in Macau increasingly serious juvenile crime, the prevention of juvenile delinquency has become one of the core of the Macau Crime Prevention. Juvenile crime in Macau's unique nature of its geographical, its one of the causes, over the past few years due to increasing young Macau casino Dealer, the Dealer crime increasingly serious social problems, the casino will be related to the age limit of entry to must be at least 21 years old, while the gaming practitioner training provided by the Institute of requirements must be at least 19 years old, but its degree only junior high school, gaming workers in wage income are not directly proportional to his academic qualifications, resulting in a large number of young people who are unmotivated, junior high school, waiting to meet the age, as gaming employees, which also had a large number of minors all day wandering in the community vulnerable to unscrupulous people use to engage in criminal activities. Followed by Macao in recent years along with economic development, social advocate the pursuit of interests, encourage speculative behavior, neglect of moral education, but also one of the causes of increased juvenile delinquency. In view of the seriousness of the problem of the current juvenile delinquency, the Macau community has launched a wide-ranging discussion. But the recommendations made by the community is often only for individual cases, can not fundamentally solve the current problem of juvenile crime. Macao young people born after a lot of the last century, the nineties, on the other hand, in terms of lifestyle, educational background, to accept the information channels as well as personal values, ethics and young people are very different for the the past, effective crime prevention method may not be able to continue to apply to the majority of young people who Through the comparative vicinity prevention and treatment of juvenile delinquency experience and to analyze and organize the actual situation of Macao's young people to identify the characteristics, causes and development trend of juvenile crime in Macau, hoping for the above three minor crime the core elements of the body related solution is to build a legal system, hoping that this can initiate fundamentally prevent the growing problem of juvenile delinquency in Macau SAR Government. In view of this, I find out by analysis of juvenile crime data sorting Macau and its surrounding areas (including the number of cases, species, age, year of distribution, etc.), research related to juvenile delinquency psychological. social issues and related crimes such as incentives, not adult crime, in particular the root causes of juvenile delinquency in Macau, as well as the prevention of juvenile crime system of Macau surrounding areas, through the combination of Macau-related data and the actual situation, especially the original Macao legal system, including the criminalization of legal system, education and asylum system to prevent system-related provisions to make modifications to proposals to build a new young people to meet the future development of Macao's social crime prevention system for its inadequacies. Keywords: juvenile delinquency; age of criminal imputation; situation review; psychological causes; preventive measures.

Chinese Abstract

眾所周知,青少年犯罪問题對世界各國來說均為一個複雜的社會問题。随著澳門博彩業的快速發展、城市人口的快速增加,以及資讯全球化與多元化的迅猛發展,澳門人一面享受著資訊的豐富多元與經濟迅猛發展带來的實際利益,另一方面也憂心忡忡地看到發展带來的一些副作用,尤其是澳門青少年犯罪日益嚴重,预防青少年犯罪成為當前澳門预防犯罪的核心之一。 澳門的青少年犯罪有其地域的獨特性質,其根本原因之一,就是過去数年由於澳門賭場年輕莊荷的不斷增加,莊荷犯罪的社會問题日趨嚴重,目前赌場將相關入職的年齡限制到必须年滿 21 嵗,同時理工學院提供的博彩從業員培訓也要求需要年滿 19 嵗,但是其相關學歷僅需要初中,由於博彩從業員的工資收入與其學歷不成正比,導致大量青少年無心向學,初中畢業後等待符合年龄後希望擔任博彩從業人员,由此也產生了大量未成年人士終日在社會上游蕩,容易受到不法人士的利用從事犯罪活動。 其次澳門近年随著經濟的發展,社會崇尚追求利益,鼓勵投機行爲,忽視道德教育,也是青少年犯罪問题加劇的原因之一。 鑒於當前的未成年人犯罪問题的嚴重性,澳門社會各界展開了廣泛的討論。但是社會各界所提出的建議往往僅為針對個別的案例,無法從根本上解决目前的青少年犯罪問题。 另一方面,不少上個世紀九十年代後出生的澳門青少年無論從生活習惯、教育背景、接受信息的渠道以及個人的價值觀、道德觀和過去的青少年都很很大的不同,為此過往有效预防犯罪的方法可能未必可以繼續適用目前廣大的青少年人士。 通過比較周邊地區预防及治理青少年犯罪問题的經驗並結合澳門的青少年的實際情況進行分析和整理,找出澳門青少年犯罪的特點、起因及發展趨势,希望可以針对上述三個未成年犯罪的核心要素體提出相關解決方式,尤其是構築相關的法律制度,期待本文可以為特區政府從根本上预防澳門日益嚴重的青少年犯罪問题抛磚引玉。 有鑒於此,筆者通過分析整理澳門及其周邊地區的未成年犯罪數據(包括案件数量、種類、年龄、年份分佈等),研究相關未成年人犯罪心理、社會問题等相關犯罪誘因,找出未成年人犯罪特别是澳門未成年人犯罪的根本原因,以及比较澳門周邊地區的预防未成年犯罪制度,通過結合澳門的相關数據和社會的實際情况,特别是澳門原有的法律制度,包括刑事化法律制度、教育收容制度、預防制度等相關的規定,針對其不足之處,作出相關的修改建議,從而構建符合澳門社會未來發展的全新青少年預防犯罪體系。 關鍵字:青少年犯罪,刑事歸責年龄,現狀考察,心理原因探究,预防對策。

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Juvenile delinquency -- Macau

青少年犯罪 -- 澳門

Juvenile delinquency -- Macau -- Prevention

青少年犯罪 -- 澳門 -- 預防



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