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A case study of work values and job involvement of the Post-80s in Macao

English Abstract

The term Post-80s has become popular in this region since the event of the opposition to the Guangzhou-Hong Kong Express Rail Link. Post-80s refers to the latest generation (also known as Generation Y who was born after 1980, as defined in some literatures) in the workforce who has been widely criticized by the public that they are less dedicated or devoted to work. They are thought to be reluctant to be engaged in a certain job for long and always want to change the status quo, thus affecting their work performance and leading to frequent turnover in most organizations. It is believed that the Post-80s has received better education and has higher qualification than the older generations in general. Moreover, this generation will gradually enter the workforce and will make up a significant portion of the working population. Therefore, it is important to have a better understanding on their work values and job involvement in order to help retain talents and improve work performance of this group in Macao. This study aims at identifying the work values and job involvement of the Post-80s in Macao, as well as the relationships between different demographic variables (such as gender, education and service year), work values and job involvement. Findings from this study ii would provide a comprehensive understanding of the work values and job involvement of the Post-80s in Macao and recommendations for enhancing their job involvement are given. A quantitative approach is applied and a sample of 384 respondents of Post-80s employees in Macao is collected between September and November 2011 for the analysis. Two measuring instruments, namely the Work Values Scale (Lyons, 2003) and the Job Involvement Questionnaire (Kanungo, 1982) are adopted for the study. Four work value factors, namely social environmental, extrinsic, altruism and freedom-related work values, are considered important by the Macao Post-80s in the workplace while the job involvement level is neutral. Results show that work values and job involvement vary significantly across demographic variables. Moreover, four work value factors, namely intrinsic, status-related, freedom-related and altruism work values, are found to be significantly positively correlated with job involvement. In addition, the factor of intrinsic work values is discovered to have prediction power towards job involvement. The findings of the study suggest that in order to enhance the job involvement of the Macao Post-80s employees, organizations should devise appropriate work setting to suit their work values and at the same time they should choose appropriate job that meets their work values. An employee who is holding a supervisory position, with longer tenure and higher salary is found to be more job-involved. Moreover, organization should try to fulfill their intrinsic work values in order to enhance and predict their job involvement.

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Lei, Chon Kit


Faculty of Business Administration


Department of Management and Marketing




Youth -- Macau

Job enrichment

Employee motivation -- Macau

Job satisfaction -- Macau


Kong, Siew Huat

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