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Objective: The purpose of this study was to investigate physical activity (PA) attitude, exercise behaviors and walking wills on campus as well as energy consumptions of the common paths to school in the students of University of Macau (UM ). Methods: 263 UM students were investigated to study PA attitude, exercise behaviors and walking wills on campus. From the findings of the survey, a pre-test of three common paths were used to examine walking time, hear rates, and lactic acid levels in 11 students. Finally, 72 UM students were recruited to investigate walking speed, energy consumptions, heart rates, self-assessment fatigue and recovery after walking to school. Results: UM students hold a positive attitude to PA. There are 30 percent students having regular exercise and 50 percent students are willing to participate in healthy walking activity. Males have more positive attitude to PA and regular exercise behaviors than females. After the three common paths’ walking, the lever of blood lactate were at the ranges of 1.4 - 6.5 mmol/L, hear rates between 110 and 140 beats /min, energy consumption between 9 and 28 Kcal. Three minutes later after walking, the student had lower scale of self-assessment fatigue and less hearts rates less than 100 beats /min. Higher energy consumptions, smaller change of cardiovascular function and lower scales of fatigue were found in males. Conclusion: The results showed that the energy consumptions and exercise intensities of the three commonly used paths to school are acceptable. The Universities should promote walking to/on campus to enhance exercise behaviors for UM students in time. Key words: Attitude to physical activity, Exercise behavior, Energy consumption, Walking path.

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Faculty of Education




Physical education and training -- Macau

體育教育及訓練 -- 澳門

Exercise -- Psychological aspects

體育鍛鍊 -- 心理方面

Sports -- Psychological aspects

體育 -- 心理方面

College students -- Macau

大專學生 -- 澳門



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