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English Abstract

This research aims on analyzing the content of the junior high school music textbooks in Macao and giving recommendations. The writer detailed analyzes the four different high school music textbooks from Hong Kong and mainland China, which are People's Music Publisher,Hua Cheng's Music Publisher,Excellence Publisher, and Pilot Publisher. This thesis analyzes the editorial conditions of the divergent textbooks on the source of material, basic practical contents and creative contents. Additionally, the author has also carried out the questionnaire survey for Macao Junior high school music teachers in purpose of discussing the music course of Macao Junior High School from the aspects of Curriculum Settings, teaching content, assessment on teachers and student. According to the research and the relevant results mentioned above, the author found out that the music textbook of mainland China mainly focuses on music appreciation and foreign music singing practice and Modern Chinese music trends. However, due to the different cultures and historical background, the Modemn Chinese music trends are difficult to attract the interest to most of high school students in Macao area. In the aspect of musical instrument practice, it focuses on the study of recorder, percussion instruments and keyboard instruments while in the aspect of basic music training, the focus is in training the students’ feeling on music and this part is of enriched multidisciplinary contents. In the aspect creativity, the textbooks focus on the creation of melody. Music textbook of Hong Kong focuses on the singing practice of the traditional folk songs around the world. Regarding to the selection of the songs of the mentioned textbook, majority of the selected Chinese songs are the traditional folk songs from Hong Kong; therefore, it is an unique feature for the students. The music instrument practice is mainly on recorder, while in the basic practice in mainly on music learning theory. In the aspect of creative content, it focuses on the melody creation and there is scant creative type. In conclude, the writer suggests: 1. Adopting and encouraging students and local music teachers using the combination of the music staff and numbered musical notation which will benefit students’ ability of sight reading and sight singing on both staves; 2. Increasing sight singing and ear training practice in music classes to improve students’ sensitivity to music; 3. Strengthening musical creative activities to develop the critical thinking and stimulate the aesthetes of students’ artistic thinking; 4. Developing different diversities of music and cultures in the music textbooks in order to cultivate students’ global point of view ; 5. Applying and combining with the successful international music teaching methods, such as Orff, Kodaly, and Dalcroze music teaching methods to promote music teaching efficiently and successfully ; 6.Using multiple grading criteria to evaluate students’ music ability and progress in each aspect of music;7. Reinforcing students’ singing and music instruments learning can improve students’ poor ability of music singing and reading. To the educational administrative department of Macao, the researcher suggests: 1. Unifying the curriculum standard in Macao as a recommended guidelines for all subjects teachers to follow; 2. Strengthening the cohesion of all music teachers in Macau and set up a professional developing and learning platform for school music teachers at all levels to communicate professionally; 3.Strengthening the requirements of the textbook assessment to insure the quality of music education. keywords: junior high school、music textbook content analysis、questionnaire survey、music education

Chinese Abstract

本研究旨在對澳門初中音樂教科書進行內容分析及建議,以北京人教版、廣州花城版、香港卓思版、香港導師版之音樂教科書爲研究對象,分析各版本在歌曲選材來源、基本練習內容、創作內容這三方面的編輯狀況。此外,筆者亦對澳門初中音樂教師進行問卷調查,探討有關澳門初中音樂的課程設置、教學內容、教師評鑑、學生評鑑四方面內容。根據以上研究與調査結果,筆者發現內地版音樂教科書以外國音樂、中國近現代音樂的欣賞、習唱爲主,所選取的中國近現代歌曲難以引起澳門初中生的興趣。樂器練習方面,以牧童笛、敲擊樂器、鍵盤樂器學習爲主。基本練習方面著重在培養學生對音樂的感受,有關跨學科學習的內容較豐富。創作內容方面,主要以曲調創作爲主。香港版音樂教科書以各國民謠曲目習唱爲主,所選擇的華人地區的音樂以香港原創音樂占多數,因此容易引起澳門學生的共鳴。樂器練習主要以牧童笛爲主。基本練習方面,以音樂理論學習爲主。創作內容以曲調創作爲主,創作類型不多。 粽合以上結果研究筆者建議:1、鼓勵將五線譜與簡譜共用,提升學生對五線譜、簡譜的應用能力;2、多增加視唱練耳的練習於中學音樂課堂中,以幫助學生對音樂的敏感度;3、加強創作活動,提升學生批判性思考能力與活躍學生的音樂思維;4、音樂來源的選材要多元以應越趨多元的音樂內容;5、理解國際音樂教學法,提高音樂教學的成效並與國際接軌;6、探用多元的評分標準,以確實衡量學生在音樂各方面的能力與進步;7、加強歌唱與器樂的練習,使學生學習融會貫通。對教育行政部門的建議:1、統一課程標準,爲教師在各階段教學作指引,並且一統澳門中學音樂課程內容與進度;2、加強音樂教師凝聚力,爲全澳音樂教師提供一個交流的平臺;3、加強教科書評鑑以提高音樂教科書的素質。 關鍵詞:初中、音樂教科書、內容分析、問卷調查、音樂教育

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Music -- Textbooks -- Evaluation

音樂 -- 教科書研究 -- 評價

Music -- Instruction and study -- Macau

音樂 -- 指導及學習 -- 澳門



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