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English Abstract

This study seeks to use data analysis, questionnaire and to review some of the experience from published literature, to analyze the needs of student recruitment among higher education institutions in Macao. The study intends to adopt inside out and outside in approaches to conduct the research. A public institution - Macao Polytechnic Institute, will be selected as a case for the study. To analyze how she has been keeping pace with the job market's dynamism to the process of rapid industrial restructuring and maintaining quality education while balancing the constraints and challenges after the return of Macao to China. The higher education institutes face the pressures of high in-take rate, competitions among institutes from the local market, its neighbors and the overseas institutes. With only 20 years' development, the Macao higher education institutes face great market challenges and pressure, to adjust the programs, select qualifies students and to promote higher education quality will be their basic foundation. In the last part of the paper, some school marketing strategies are recommended for successful student recruitment and job searching. The strategies call for establishing career counseling and placement centers, changing students' expectations, increasing parental support and both parental and student involvement, developing continuing education programs, fostering close relationships with industry and constantly facilitating teaching and learning in order to achieve the institutional mission.

Chinese Abstract

本論文題目是「澳門高等院校招生管理問題探討」,試圖通過資料分析,問卷調查,文獻探討等方法,澄清目前澳門高等教育招生中的需要和問題,分析本澳各高等院校的招生特色,並探討其招生管理策略。本研究採用“以一斑窺全豹”“解剖麻雀”的研究策略,以澳門一所有特色的公立高等教育機構-澳門理工學院作為個案分析對象,探索它在回歸後,如何在這急速的市場轉型過程中,顧及學生的需要及配合社會發展需求,透過對此一個案的招生管理問題診斷,來瞭解澳門高校招生管理中面臨的問題。 本研究初步發現,澳門高校招生中面對澳門高中畢業生過高的升學率和周邊地區乃至國際上各高校爭奪生源的直接壓力。僅有20年發展的澳門高等教育系統面臨著強勁的優勝劣汰的市場競爭機制的考驗,適合市場需求調整專業設置吸納優秀人才,提升高等教育的質量成為澳門高等教育生存與發展的唯一基礎。此外,全方面,多通道地加強高校與生源,特別是內地生源之間的溝通,為畢業生疏通就業渠道,也是澳門高校招生管理應關注的重點。本研究建議,成立學生就業輔導中心,改變學生的一貫期望,鼓勵家長及學生參與學校事務,發展終身教育課程,重視課程發展與市場關係,促成教學相長,最終能達至高等教育的培養跨世紀人材使命。

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Faculty of Education




Universities and colleges -- Macau -- Admission

大專院校 -- 澳門 -- 取錄

College students -- Recruiting -- Macau

大專學生 -- 招募 -- 澳門

Education, Higher -- Macau

高等教育 -- 澳門


Wu, Guo Zhen

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