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English Abstract

This thesis investigates the policy directions of teachers’ continuing education for non-tertiary schools in Macao. The thesis studies the various issues of teachers' continuing education along the track of life-long education whose influence in teachers' continuing education is explored, including the necessity and development of teachers’ continuing education itself. Besides, the thesis has given the necessary analysis through literature study in teachers’ continuing education, of our three neighboring regions including Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Mainland China. More importantly, this thesis renders four current recommendations on the policy directions of teachers’ continuing education in Macao. These are presented based on studying Macao’ development in educational administration in the past eleven years, including such milestones as the “1988 Educational Reform” proposed by the government, the “1991 Macao Educational Institution” decreed as law for non- tertiary educational institutes to proceed with the educational reform, and the “1997 Teachers’ Training Decree". The recommendations are respectively: 1) to increase the teaching effectiveness of our teachers, 2) to enhance the cultivation of teachers' quality for life-long education, 3) to establish a thorough system for providing teachers' continuing education, and 4) to encourage school-based teachers’ training to facilitate raising our educational quality. It is believed that teachers are the driving forces behind our educational reform; they are the front-runners, on whom our educational quality lies. The question of how to raise the professional quality of our teachers, indeed depends on their life-long education. So, this thesis suggests that Macao’s teachers’ continuing education should be constructed on the basis of life-long education.

Chinese Abstract

本文以探討澳門非高等教育教師延續培訓的政策取向為目標。文中以終身教育的理念為主線,探討終身教育對教師繼續教育的影響,闡述教師繼續教育的必要性及發展,並就鄰近三地,台灣、香港、中國有關教師繼續教育的文獻作分析。 本文並就過去澳門教育行政的發展——1988年政府提出教育改革;1991年頒布非高等教育範疇的《澳門教育制度》法律,進行教育改革;1997年頒布教師培訓法令——來對澳門教師延續培訓的政策取向提出建議共四項,包括: (1)提高教師教學效能、(2)加強教師終身教育的素質培育、(3)建立完善教師延續培訓制度、(4)鼓勵校本教師培訓,以利教育素質的提高。 教師是教育改革的動力、前線工作者,教育品質的關鍵在於教師。教師如何提升專業素質,實有賴不斷的終身學習。所以本文提出澳門教師延續培訓應建立在終身教育理念的基礎上。

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Faculty of Education




Continuing education -- Macau

延續教育 -- 澳門

Kindergarten teachers -- Training of -- Macau

幼稚園教師 -- 職業培訓 -- 澳門

Elementary school teachers -- Training of -- Macau

小學教師 -- 職業培訓 -- 澳門

High school teachers -- Training of -- Macau

高中教師 -- 職業培訓 -- 澳門



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